It's What We Do

CMB Music Group is a boutique studio able to meet needs on various budgets through various methods. Whether it's sending files for tracking or working in a large studio, our resources that reaches from Washington, Nashville, Arkansas, even  to London, allow you to create the project you've always wanted.

What we Do

Voice Overs

We have had the privilege of working on large projects for major national and worldwide companies. With great sound and a deep well of voices to choose from, we can produce what you need to get your message across to the global community.

Producing & Arranging

The key to producing and arranging is giving the artist the sound and style that brings out their best and makes them shine! CMB Music does just that. We don't change the artist to meet the style, we make the style fit the artist!

Film Scoring

Charles M. Barnes loves working on film projects. Whether it's short or full feature films, CMB can bring the emotion to the scene that makes any film or documentary enjoyable for those who love to escape and be entertained.

Song Writing

CMB Music Group has great resources when it comes to  writing. If you are looking for a song or need a song written for your next project, special event, movie, or broadway play, CMB Music Group has the people to make it happen with proven writers in the industry!


Charles M. Barnes' passion is writing orchestrations. Whether it is for crossover classical works or upbeat contemporary genres, Charles has the ability to stir the emotions through orchestrations of any style or genre.


The ability to be relevant in music is to be able to handle any style of music that comes across the music charts. CMB Music Group is able to do just that. If it's jazz, rock, country, blues, pop, 60's, 70's, 80's, or the current style, we have you covered.