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Hymns in Jazz - It's What I Believe

Hymns In Jazz is a collection of timeless hymns with a new twist. The arrangements are challenging yet peaceful to the soul. Charles M. Barnes has pulled no stops in the foundation of the chord structure while insuring the melodies stay true. This is definitely an album you will want to relax to. You can download this project along with other projects in our store by clicking the button below.

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Hymns in Jazz

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The Birth of Christmas

The title cut of this album, “The Birth of Christmas” has been picked up for film catalogs. This EP album project is an exciting sound of five original songs and one classic Christmas carol arranged by Charles M. Barnes. Including both instrumental and lyrical songs, this album is bound to birth the true meaning of Christmas and become one of your go-to CD’s during the Christmas holidays!

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the birth of Christmas

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culture de l'amour

Euphoria - Culture de L’amour is a smooth jazz album written and produced by Charles M. Barnes. The songs on this album display musical jazz themes representing sounds from around the world. No matter your nationality or language, Euphoria is a compilation of smooth jazz music that will take you to those exotic places you’ve always wanted to visit. If there is one thing that brings people together, it’s music. And music is the culture of love.

Hymn with a twist

I Have Decided

Charles M. Barnes gives an old hymn a new twist. With the help of the talented musical guests from the group Zayin (David Scott: Guitar, John Gardner: Bass, David O'Neal: Drums, Gerald Curtis: Percussion, Chad Wilson: Acoustic Guitar, Bryn Wilson: Vocals, and Charles M. Barnes: Acoustic Guitar & Hammond B3 Organ) as well as special guest appearances by vocalist Karen Iyoho and singer/songwriter John C. Minick, the song "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" comes alive with a deeper meaning. Charles' 

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