Charles m. barnes - Author

Charles M. Barnes is a songwriter, composer, author, screenplay writer, producer, arranger, musician


Charles is an author who writes with passion. He has the ability to not only write fiction in screenplays, but also write books that help people find guidance and encouragement for everyday life. Many of his books give you a self-introspective look, challenging you to live higher and dream bigger. Each book has in-depth views of a different way of thinking about life, God, relationships, and more!




Existence is a unique approach to connecting with God, yourself and others. Our mission in life is much bigger than the world in which  we live. Everything we do affects the universe as a whole. In this book we discover the triangulation methods of how deeply we are connected with God, ourselves, and others and how to get reconnected with all three and live in the fullness of our existence.

In Production

Hidden Hate


Many of us have gone to the doctor for a yearly checkup. Thinking everything was excellent, the doctor informs us of something hidden that needs to be corrected. Hidden Hate is a checkup on the condition of our life to see if and how hate hides in us. To know what hate is we first have to exam what love is for everything love is or isn't hate is the opposite. In this book, we explore the spiritual, Psychological, and scientific facts that hate can do to us but more importantly, how to get rid of hate and love in the perfection of Christ.



Dogs Get it, So Can We is a children's book helping kids understand there are many things we can learn from  a dog. Many of life's greatest lessons have been learned from a dog. Love, loyalty, forgiveness, sensitivity and obedience to name a few. These lesson are brought out in a simple way. If dogs can learn these things, so can we!

Organization to help you write

Charles has developed forms to help organize his thoughts when writing. He wants to help you organize your thoughts in preparing to write your screenplay, book, children's book as well as character development. They are absolutely free for you to download and use. These could help you to write your next big story!

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