In May, prepare to be captivated by the release of the new single titled "Kadosh," available on all major streaming platforms! "Kadosh," meaning holy in Hebrew, marks Charles' groundbreaking project, where the beautiful fusion of two languages, Hebrew and English, takes center stage. 

This musical masterpiece evokes a profound sense of drama, skillfully orchestrated with a range of soaring highs and soul-stirring lows that are bound to deeply resonate with your emotions. With its unique worship experience, "Kadosh" has already touched countless hearts and stirred emotions during its pre-production phase, promising an extraordinary listening journey.

Enriching this musical endeavor, the talented Bryn Wilson joins Charles as an exceptional female artist, lending her angelic vocals to this remarkable song. Charles's artistic abilities shines through as he takes charge of the song's creation, from writing and arranging to orchestrating and producing, ensuring an awe-inspiring composition that will leave an indelible mark on listeners.


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