There are many songs in the Storyteller Publishing catalogue. The songs on this website are just a small portion of what is available. Please contact us for our song catalogue information and licensing opportunities.

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Welcome to Storyteller Publishing, where songs are not just lyrics and melodies, but the heartbeats of a storyteller. We are a passionate and dedicated publishing company, committed to empowering songwriters and bringing their stories to life through music.


The Art of Telling the Story Through Song

At Storyteller Publishing we believe that a song is more than just a collection of notes and words. It's a vessel for emotion, a canvas for imagination, and a mirror to the human experience. Each composition is a carefully crafted narrative, inviting listeners to step into a world of emotions, memories, and dreams.


Making Every Word and Note Count

Our mission is clear: to craft songs that not only entertain but also inspire, comfort, and provoke thought. Through the power of storytelling, we aim to connect with hearts around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.


Authenticity and Depth: Storyteller Publishing is known for their ability to peel back the layers of life, revealing the raw and honest truths that bind us all.

Versatility in Genre: From folk ballads to soulful blues, Storyteller Publishing defies genre constraints, embracing the diversity of human experience in every composition.

Collaboration and Connection: Storyteller Publishing thrives on collaboration, recognizing that the magic of storytelling multiplies when shared with fellow artists, musicians, and listeners.

The Stories We Tell

One Note At A Time

Each song penned by Storyteller Publishing is a window into a personal journey, an observation of the world, or a reflection on shared human experiences. From heartaches to triumphs, from solitude to connection, these stories are woven with threads of melody and rhythm that evoke powerful emotions.